My creative journey is an integral part of my lifelong exploration and inquiry into alternate reality states, often referred to throughout human history as the imagination, intuition, dreams, the sacred, the supernatural and more recently, the unconscious. Through an integration of personal and universal symbols, mythological archetypes and narratives as well as contemporary technologies, I have consistently pursued my passionate interest in diverse traditions, beliefs and visual representations of these realities in many cultures which has deeply informed my own investigative and creative practice.

For over 20 years, I have engaged in a visual dialogue between various levels of consciousness resulting in the generation of a uniquely personal, yet universal mythology including abstract and symbolic forms, revealing a cast of archetypal characters from hidden realms. appearing as messengers, spirits, guides, imaginary friends and tricksters.

My images function on aesthetic, intellectual, emotional and intuitive levels, and seek to bridge the microcosm and microcosm of consciousness and engage the personal and the universal in a meaningful dialogue, to re-imagine and reinterpret archetypes and engage in a continuing conversation with the viewer. I am profoundly and eternally grateful that I have had the opportunity to pursue a spiritual practice that synthesises so beautifully with my artistic vision.

Important Influences include the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, Hildegarde of Bingen as well as many other eastern and western mystics, artists such as William Blake, Ernst, Klee, Kandinsky and Arp as well as alchemical and mandala symbolism, dream states, my Greek heritage, European neolithic art and an ongoing study of the nature of personal reality, My work explores universal themes of transformation, redemption, flux and transcendence.



Master of Arts Practice (Visual Arts)
Charles Sturt University

Graduate Diploma of Arts (Visual Arts)
Faculty of Art and Design
Monash University

Bachelor of Fine Arts
College of Fine Arts
University of New South Wales

Selected Exhibitions:


2003 – Gosford Regional Gallery Gosford NSW, Australia

1994 – Holdsworth Galleries Woollahra NSW, Australia

1994 – Whole on the Wall Gallery Surry Hills NSW, Australia

1993 – The Gallery Café Surry Hills NSW, Australia

1992 – The Gallery Café Surry Hills NSW, Australia


2009 – Arthouse Sketchbook Project – Travelling exhibition – USA

2008 – Babbio Centre, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ, USA

2007 – New York Hall of Science, ‘Digital 07’, Pattern-Finding,USA

2006 – Kudos Gallery – Paddington, NSW, Australia

2006 – La Sous-Station Lebon, Nice, France

2006 – Mazooka Showroom, Kastanienallee, Berlin.

2006 – Making Badlands – exhibition and journal issue #13

2005 – Making Badlands – Conference – CQU Bundaberg Australia

2005 – International Digital Art Award – New Media

2004 – Art Dept International Competition

2004 – Digit Expo 2004 – Sydney, Australia

2003 – Gosford Regional Gallery – ‘BodySpeak’ NSW Australia

2002 – Global Experimental Poetry Net-Action

2002 – Art Dept International Competition

2002 – ExitArt -’ Reactions ‘ New York, U.S.A.

2000 – Newcastle University – ‘Staff Show’ NSW, Australia

1999 – Art Dept International Competition

1995 – Holdsworth Galleries Woollahra NSW, Australia

1994 – Gosford Arts Centre NSW, Australia

1992 – Taylormade Gallery Darlinghurst NSW, Australia

1992 – 10 Taylor Street Gallery Darlinghurst NSW, Australia

1992 – The Gallery Café Surry Hills NSW, Australia

1991 – Arthaus Gallery Darlinghurst NSW, Australia



2009 – Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler

2003 – Thought Forms: The Art & Poetry of Helen Ferry

2002 – The Real Woman Project Anthology


2007 – Inner West Courier 23 October

2007 – The Glebe – 11 October

2003 – Central Coast Herald  – 7 June

1991 – On the Street Magazine – 25 September


Work Experience:

My professional experience has included working as a University Lecturer and Tutor in visual arts, multimedia and communications. Areas of expertise include Drawing, Creative Visualisation, Graphic Design, Art and Design History and Theory, Digital Communications, Film, Animation, Concept art, Storyboarding, Character design, Scriptwriting and Professional Practice. I have also concurrently worked as a Writer, Designer, Animator and Illustrator.

Professional Writing:

Catalogue essay on New York artist Daniel Lee for Prix Ars Electronica Festival for Art, Technology and Society, Linz, Austria,  titled ‘Hybrid–living in paradox’ (pp. 22-24).

Articles focusing on the work and careers of artists and illustrators for Lost at E Minor blog and Digital Media World Magazine.

E-books including The Secret Language of Dreams for the network, which I also illustrated.